Manage Oracle Network Processes

1. Documentation Tahiti -> Masters Book List -> Net Services Reference -> 1 Listener Control Utility

2. In principle, the main process that can manage, on network communications, is the LISTENER.

We can have one or more LISTENER processes running on the machine, and each can redirect the requests it receives to one or more instances of databases. The program that we have used to manage the LISTENER is LNRSCTL. The following summary executions common with this command:

# We raise the default LISTENER (Name = & gt; LISTENER)
lsnrctl start
# Check the status and parameters LISTENER
lsnrctl status
Information services of registered static (status UKNOWN) and dinámicante (READY status)
lsnrctl services
# Once you have made changes to the listener.ora file can reload the configuration without stopping
# The RELOAD command is not 100% effective, so we often end up having to restart the LISTENER
lsnrctl reload
# Stopped the LISTENER
lsnrctl stop

# The LSNRCTL command has its own command Iine
# Once inside we see the list of commands that you can run
# If you want specific information on each run command, for example
help start

# All the above commands operate on the default listener "LISTENER"
# We can do exactly the same with other names LISTENER
lsnrctl start LISTENER_OCM
lsnrctl status LISTENER_OCM
lsnrctl services LISTENER_OCM
lsnrctl reload LISTENER_OCM
lsnrctl stop LISTENER_OCM

3. We have other network processes that may be useful in certain architectures, but I assume that does not enter the OCM exam. I’m talking about “Oracle Connection Manager” and maybe make a practice of it, but when you have completed all other objectives OCM Practicum.

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