Create and Configure a Listener

1. Documentation in Tahiti -> Masters Book List -> Administrator’s Guide -> Net Services Administrator’s Guide -> 9 Configuring and Administering Oracle Net Listener

2. We have already “played” with the LISTENER in the previous target -> “Create and manage multiple network configuration files”. So we will look at another chart wizard we have to edit the network configuration files, “listener.ora” between them. We will not go into detail on how netmgr is used as it is as simple as NETCA.

I particularly noticed that NETCA utility fails to recognize the format of certain entries in the tnsnames.ora file netmgr being more robust in this regard. Instead, the graphic interface NETCA is more modern. I usually use NETCA generally, but for section netmgr use Data Guard.

Run the “netmgr” command Oracle user.
# We see a tree of options:
# · Profile: Configure the sqlnet.ora file
# · Naming Service: We can add and modify entries in the tnsnames.ora file
# · Listeners: This would add another LISTENER if we needed it

4. We still have issues to see about LISTENER, but more on that later in other related goals.

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