Cannot See ASM Disks From Asmca when using udev rules on rhel 6

My Environment Detail
RHEL 6.7

Oracle ASM new install can’t see ASM disks from asmca after running new install.Kfod does not discover the disks as per discovery path
But we can see the devices from operating system level.
Using udev rules instead of asmlib
When reusing a LUN, ASM may detect a previous disk header and refuse to reuse the disk.
Clear the header by writing 25 MB of null, after clearing the header ASMCA and KFOD can able to see the devices
For example:
# dd if=/dev/zero of=<Device path> bs=1M count=25
NOTE: Please be cautious writing zero to devices, wrong device may end up in restoring the complete data
from backup.

Issue got resolved after followed this metalink doc 🙂

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