Importing a dmp with partitioned tables into Oracle XE

1. Import the schema using normal commands and verify the logs

impdp userid=scott56 schemas=scott56 directory=DB_DUMP dumpfile=scott56_dump_backup.dmp

2. Generate the sqlfile using SQLFILE option with impdp

impdp userid=scott56 directory=DB_DUMP dumpfile=scott56_dump_backup.dmp SQLFILE=scott56.sql

3. Find the partition table from generated sql file
Convert partition table to non-partition table and create those table in schema

3. Import the CONTENT=DATA_ONLY option using impdp

impdp userid=scott56 TABLES=TBLMCONCURRENTUSERS  CONTENT=DATA_ONLY directory=DB_DUMP dumpfile=scott56_dump_backup.dmp

Oracle 11g onwards supports exporting tables by merging partitions in EXPDP. Please refer to the option of PARTITION_OPTIONS when exporting using the expdp utility.

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