Oracle Database 12c Release Now GA with In-Memory Option

Oracle Database is available for download now. It is the most
comprehensive patch set we've ever built. Look up the list of inclusions -
and it includes the new marquee feature OracleDatabase In-Memory.

Three things important to mention:

    It is a full release - no need to get Oracle Database
    Even though it is a patch set it will be available on OTN and eDelivery
    - and Oracle Database will be removed instantly
    For now it is an Enterprise Edition install only - SE and SE One may follow
    Please see MOS Note:1905806.1 for further details.

And it contains a bunch of new things and improvements:

    Oracle Database In-Memory
    Oracle Big Data SQL
    Oracle JSON Document Store
    Oracle REST Data Services
    Improvements to Oracle Multitenant
    Advanced Index Compression
    Zone Maps
    Approximate Count Distinct
    Attribute Clustering
    Full Database Caching
    Rapid Home Provisioning

Oracle Database is available!!!

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