Oracle RAC Database Tunning Activity

Tune Cluster Wait Event Priority - 1)
 Application needs to be connect with single DB using Public Ip

Note:- Binding the Specific Module with Specific Instance for take advantage of  resources of second node as well.

Session Manager running with Instance-1 as prefer node and with Instance-2 as available node for it.
 Configured by Application Primary Driver via Instance-1 Datasource

Usage Metering running with Instanace-2 as prefer node and with Instanace-1 as available node for it
 Configured by Application Secondary Driver via Instance-2 Datasource

etc ..

Currently configured same in site-C.

Reason –
Reason for connect Direct DB is we can save GC (global caching ) wait while select and update same block.

To Tune the below cluster wait Event:-
gc current block 2-way
gc cr block 2-way

Tune log file sync Wait Event Priority
2) Redo size need to be resize with  3 GB

Reason –
There are four redo groups in cluster database, 2 groups in each instance
existing size of one redo log file =~ 1gb

currently log switch happen 2 times in 1 hour.

so for Log switch duration we can increase for tune the log file sync wait event.

Tune future extent allocation Priority - 3)
 Undo tablespace needs to be create with around 10 gb with auto extend.

Reason –
Existing Undo tablespace size is around 5 gb so to avoid future extent allocation when required.



Resize Undo TBS

Resize Redologs

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