Data Recovery Advisor in Oracle Database 11g

  • Data recovery advisor is one of the oracle 11g new features
  • The 11g Data Recovery Advisor is part of the 11g database health checking framework.
  • DRA is diagnoses persistent data failures and not only presents options to repair and fix the problem but also can execute the repair and recovery process at our request.
  • DRA automatically diagnoses corruption or loss of persistent data on disk, determines the appropriate repair options, and executes repairs at the user’s request.
  • This reduces the complexity of recovery process, thereby reducing the Mean Time To Recover (MTTR).
  • Note. RAC databases are currently not supported

The Repair Advisor can take away lot of the stress associated with performing backup and recovery by diagnosing what is wrong as well as presenting us with the syntax as well to execute the commands to restore and recover as the case may be. Under pressure, everyone can make mistakes and it is comforting to know that there is a tool which can really he;p the DBA.

How to use the Data Recovery Advisor

1. OEM Database  or 2. Grid Control or 3. RMAN command line interface.

Data Recovery advisor we have used three commands.

1.List failure
2.Advice failure
3.Repair failure

Gavin Soorma- Case Study

Tim Hall Case Study

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